"You need luck to win Nationals" - Interview with the Danish Masters Champion Stephan N.

Written By OleJun 19, 2014

Danish Nationals will take place in Lumby this weekend. Card Leaders will do live coverage of that event. Ole asked the defending champions of the three age divisions for an interview. This is the interview with 20-year-old Stephan who won Danish Nationals in Masters Division last year.

Playing the Pokémon TCG since: 2005
First Nationals played in: 2005
Favorite deck of all times: Magmortar / Togekiss

Hi, Stephan! You are the reigning Danish Champion in Masters Division. How did you manage to win Nationals last year?
I played Plasma. I didn't prepare as much as I should, I think I only play tested for two or three days. I had a lot of luck on the day and of course you need that if you are going to win the championship.

As a National Champion you qualified for Worlds 2013 in Vancouver. Did you participate and how did you perform there?
Of course did I play Worlds. I'm not sure but I think my record was 5-3 and I was number 65 in the end.

For sure you want to defend the title this year. How did you prepare for Nationals this year?
It could be nice to defend the title but I don't think I will make it again. I haven't prepared myself enough to win the nationals again.

Thank you for the interview and good luck for Nationals!

National Championships Denmark will take place on June 21-22. Card Leaders will provide live coverage including a live stream on Twitch. Follow @cardleaders on Twitter, Card Leaders' Pichu on Facebook and cardleaders on Twitch for the latest updates!