Virizion, Versatile, Victory - Top 4 Report from Texas States

Long Bui
Written By Long BuiApr 7, 2015

My name is Long Bui and I am a Masters division player from Texas. I started playing Pokémon TCG in 2012. In 2013, I joined the awesome Pokémon team "Mad Pullz", and started playing seriously for a chance to compete at Worlds. Virizion-EX / Genesect-EX carried me through the past season and earned me my invitation to Worlds 2014. Unfortunately, after the release of Primal Clash, most people believed that Virizion-EX / Genesect-EX was no longer a viable deck due to the popularity of Flareon, Night March, Landorus-EX / Crobat.

Virizion-EX / Genesect-EX / Mew-EX

I spent the week before Texas States testing different Virizion-EX PLB9 / Genesect-EX PLB11 variation. The best variation I could come up was Virizion-EX / Genesect-EX / Crobat PHF33 / Hypnotoxic Laser. It was a good deck, but the techs made the Emerald Slash engine slower and a little inconsistent. Our team concluded that Virizion-EX / Genesect-EX was not the right play for States. I decided to play an Yveltal-EX XY79 variant for Texas States since it had the best overall match ups.

However, I remembered a Virizion-EX / Genesect-EX / Mew-EX RC24 deck I’d used during Cities. I placed 2nd and Top 8 with it, so I decided to test the deck with one of my teammates. I focused on the Landorus-EX BCR89 / Crobat matchup due to its popularity. Surprisingly, Virizion-EX / Genesect-EX / Mew-EX performed better than expected, because...

1) Virizion-EX & Mew-EX with Muscle Band can one hit KO Hawlucha FFI63,
2) Lucario-EX FFI54 is weak to Mew-EX, and
3) Genesect-EX with G Booster can deal with Landorus-EX.

The downfall is that Hawlucha with Strong Energy, Muscle Band, and Fighting Stadium can also one hit KO Mew-EX, so it was an even match up. It was an idea, but I wasn’t confident enough to play it unless there was a tech that could work against all the other decks, possibly Seismitoad-EX FFI20.

While writing my Yveltal-EX decklist in the players’ meeting, my instincts told me to play Virizion-EX / Genesect-EX / Mew-EX with Seismitoad-EX instead. I learned from my past tournaments to never go against my instincts, because it has always backfired. I changed my deck list, took apart my Yveltal-EX deck, and built this on the spot:

It’s a typical Virizion-EX / Genesect-EX engine with a quicker set up due to the potential turn 1 Emerald Slash with Mew-EX followed by a turn 2 Megalo Cannon. And most importantly Mew-EX can copy Quaking Punch from the opponent’s Seismitoad-EX for just 1 Grass Energy with Dimensional Valley. Ideally, against Seismitoad-EX you want to start with Mew-EX regardless of whether you’re going first or second. I prefer to Quaking Punch instead of Emerald Slash against Seismitoad-EX to prevent my opponent from playing Crushing Hammer & Head Ringer (my main concerns while playing against Seismitoad-EX), while manually attaching energy to Virizion-EX or Genesect-EX. Against other matchups, I prefer to start with Virizion-EX first and Mew-EX second.

Tournament Report

The tournament was a best of 3, 2 day event with 257 Masters. Day 1 had a total of 9 Swiss rounds, and Day 2 was 5 Swiss rounds amongst Top 32.

Round 1: Win vs. Jonathan R. (Metal) - 1-0-0

My opponent had a bad start both games, so I was able to overtake him with Emerald Slash and Megalo Cannon before he can set up multiple Bronzong PHF61.

Round 2: Tie vs. Alec N. (Yveltal-EX / Garbodor) - 1-0-1

Game 1 – I started without a supporter in hand so I couldn’t use Emerald Slash until turn 4 or turn 5.

Game 2 – I had a good start with Virizion-EX, and was able to Emerald Slash onto 2 Genesect-EX. He couldn’t respond quickly enough to my G Booster KO, so I took game 2.

Game 3 – I had good board position since I was able to get T1 Emerald Slash with Mew-EX, but time was called quickly.

Round 3: Loss vs. Howard H. (Yveltal-EX / Garbodor) - 1-1-1

Game 1 – He got turn 2 Garbodor LTR68 with Virbank City Gym in play, and took an early lead with Yveltal-EX. I had a chance to comeback, but my Startling Megaphone was prized and I couldn’t flip heads for sleep, so I lost.

Game 2 – I started Seismitoad-EX and decided to test how the matchup would pan out if I were to go with Quaking Punch all the way. Fortunately, my opponent started without a supporter, and Quaking Punch stopped him from getting Jirachi-EX PLB60 for Stellar Guidance with Ultra Ball. I easily overtook him with G Booster. Other than that it was a bad call; I did not use Emerald Slash at all game 2.

Game 3 – It was really close, but my opponent had better draws than me. I N’d him down to 2 cards and he top decked a supporter to get his Double Colorless Energy for the win. I had game the next turn.

Round 4: Tie vs. Zachary D. (Yveltal-EX / Garbodor) - 1-1-2

I don’t remember much from the first 2 games. He won game 1 and I won game 2. I only remember asking him to speed up his pace of play after game 2.

Game 3 – We both had 4 prizes left when time was called. He was Turn 0. I had a Genesect-EX with 3 Grass Energy and another with 2 Grass Energy. He had a 70 damaged Yveltal-EX on the bench that I was going Red Signal out and KO with Genesect-EX’s Megalo Cannon follow by a G Booster on turn 3 for the game. Unfortunately, my opponent used Super Scoop Up and got heads to pick up his damaged Yveltal-EX. I still could had won if I was able to Professor Juniper into the G Booster on my turn 1 to G Booster twice but I missed it.

Round 5: Win vs. Brian M. (Flareon / Empoleon / Ninetales) - 2-1-2

Game 1 – He set up pretty early, and I was able to get Seismitoad-EX quite early too. I started Quaking Punch with Mew-EX after he was able to use a Battle Compressor. I was able to take 2 prizes with Mew-EX before it got KO’d by his Flareon PLF12. Then I brought up a Virizion-EX to Emerald Slash onto my Seismitoad-EX with a Muscle Band attached. He KO’d the Virizion-EX and I N’d him down to 2 cards on my turn followed by a Quaking Punch KO on his Flareon. He already had 3 Double Colorless Energy in his discard pile and he would need his last DCE with a Lysandre to win the game. He drew neither, and I was able Red Signal his last Flareon for the Quaking Punch KO followed by a Lysandre to bring out his Jirachi-EX for the KO with Genesect-EX Megalo Cannon.

Game 2 – He got 3 Eevee turn 1, and I was able to get Emerald Slash turn 1 with Mew-EX / Muscle Band to KO one of his Eevee. We both had a great start, and by late game he had gotten 4 prizes and I had taken out 3 out of his 4 attackers. Unfortunately, my Lysandre's Trump Card was prized and he had enough Pokémon in the discard pile to Revenge for 180 damage to my Seismitoad-EX. His last Flareon had 50 damage on it but he had Training Center in play. In order to win I needed to get my Dimensional Valley and Muscle Band. I couldn’t drew either from my Professor Juniper.

Game 3 –I started with Mew-EX and got Seismitoad-EX onto my bench turn 1. He got an awesome start with 2 Eevee and 2 Battle Compressor; I could see him setting up for his Archie’s Ace in the Hole. I quickly Ultra Balled for Jirachi-EX to get out my Lysandre’s Trump Card and Quaking Punch him with Mew-EX with Muscle Band. He evolved the 2 Eevee into Flareon but didn’t have a supporter to draw into his DCE. Even if he did he couldn’t do much damage to my Mew-EX. I KO’d his first Flareon with Mew-EX Quaking Punch and then retreated for the one hit KO Quaking Punch from Seismitoad-EX. He couldn’t get anything else out and I had a Genesect-EX on the bench waiting to Red Signal any threats on his bench.

Round 6: Win vs. Austin C. (Landorus-EX / Hawlucha / Lucario-EX) - 3-1-2

Game 1 – My opponent decided to play game 1 without dropping any Hawlucha, using just Lucario-EX and Landorus-EX. I surprised him with a Megalo Cannon KO using Mew-EX due to Lucario-EX’s weakness to psychic. Then I cleared off his board with G Booster.

Game 2 – I started with a lone Genesect-EX and was N’d into no supporters, and got benched game 2.

Game 3 – I almost got benched game 3 with a lone Virizion-EX start but I drew into an Ultra Ball turn 2 and got Jirachi-EX for a Professor Juniper. Then I KO’d his Hawlucha with an Emerald Slash with Muscle Band and attached 2 Grass to my Genesect-EX. My opponent scooped when I dropped a Seismitoad-EX, Energy Switch, and Red Signal out a Landorus-EX for my last 2 prizes.

Round 7: Win vs. Gabe N. (Exeggutor / Dragalge) - 4-1-2

While Gabe was a good player, there isn’t much to say about this matchup since it is an auto-win for Virizion-EX / Genesect-EX.

Round 8: Win vs. Jesus A. (Landorus-EX / Crobat) - 5-1-2

Game 1 – I went 2nd and started with a turn 1 Quaking Punch using Mew-EX onto his Hawlucha start. It slowed him down considerably, and he wasn’t able to one hit KO my Mew-EX. Once I took out 2 Hawlucha it was over because I had 2 Genesect-EX ready.

Game 2 – I got a turn 1 Emerald Slash with Muscle Band for 70 with Mew-EX to KO his Hawlucha start. My start was too fast - he couldn’t handle the pressure of multiple attackers with Emerald Slash. I Red Signaled all the Hawlucha since they were the main threat and G Boostered any-EXs he tried to attach energy to.

Round 9: Win vs. Reubin W. (Yveltal-EX / Spiritomb) - 6-1-2

I got turn 2 Emerald Slash with Muscle Band both games with Virizion-EX and was able to overwhelm him with the Emerald Slash / Megalo Cannon KO on his Yveltal-EX. By the time he played down Spiritomb LTR87 it was already too late. It was a 2-0 victory.

Round 10: Loss vs. Michael D. (Yveltal-EX / Crobat) - 6-2-2

This series was very frustrating because I had good board position both games, but my opponent drew everything he needed to win.

Game 1 – I had 3 prizes left and he had 4. I had just used G Booster with Genesect-EX (it had 2 Grass on it after the attack) to KO a benched Yveltal-EX with 1 DCE and 1 Darkness Energy attached to it. He played Colress for 3 cards and drew into a DCE to KO my Genesect-EX. I was going to Megalo Cannon his last Yveltal-EX with 70 damage on my turn to leave him without any energy on board.

Game 2 – I had 1 prize left and he had 4. He didn’t have any supporters or Darkness Energy in his hand. He topdecked his only Crobat, evolved to use Surprising Bite, KO’d my benched Genesect-EX with 140 damage on it, drew a Darkness Energy from his prizes and VS Seeker / Lysandre out my Jirachi-EX and Y-Cyclone with his active Yveltal-EX for the game. 4 prizes in 1 turn. Again, I was going to win on my next turn.

You can watch it here:

Round 11: Loss vs. Rudy P. (Landorus-EX / Crobat) - 6-3-2

I played very poorly this round because I was still frustrated about my last round. I usually don’t let my emotions get ahold of me, but the fatigue was affecting my concentration.

Game 1 – I misplayed for about 3 turns straight early game, apologized to my opponent, and scooped game 1. I had a good start, and might have won if I had played normally. This was the worst way to lose since it’s completely my fault.

Game 2 - I had a really slow start game 2 with a T4 Emerald Slash. He got set up early and started by sweeping my Genesect-EX with Hawlucha & Crobat; it was pretty one sided.

Round 12: Win vs. Stephanie S. (Aromatisse / Mewtwo-EX / M Diancie-EX) - 7-3-2

In theory I should have an advantage over this matchup. But bad luck made this a really scary series.

Game 1 – I almost got benched starting with a lone Genesect-EX. I drew into a Mew-EX before I was KO’d by my opponent’s Mewtwo-EX LTR54. I couldn’t get Virizion-EX out and it was an inevitable loss.

Game 2 – I started with a Virizion-EX and had board position all game. My G Booster was prized, but I was lucky enough to draw it for my first 2 prizes. She got multiple Aromatisse XY93 into play but couldn’t get any good attackers out.

Game 3 – I was forced to easily give up 4 easy prizes with 2 Mew-EX. But I N’d her down to 2 cards and took out her only attacker. She couldn’t draw into anything after my N and I slowly KO’d all of her Pokémon for 6 prizes. My G Booster was also prized this game, and I never drew into it.

Round 13: Win vs. Ricky L. (Seismitoad-EX / Slurpuff) - 8-3-2

I was very comfortable with this matchup after I found out he was playing Seismitoad-EX. The tournament was about 35% Seismitoad-EX, and this was the first one I was paired against. One of my friend who was playing TDK had to play against 8 Seismitoad-EX decks.

Game 1 – I started Virizion-EX with Muscle Band. He flipped tails on two Crushing Hammer and I was able to Emerald Slash turn 2. There wasn’t much he could have done after the first Emerald Slash.

Game 2 – He scooped after I got turn 1 Emerald Slash with Mew-EX because he couldn’t get out a Seismitoad-EX.

Round 14: Win vs. Caleb J. (Seismitoad-EX / Slurpuff / Victini-EX) - 9-3-2

I had to play against one of my teammate this round, and it was very heart breaking. He played Victini-EX LTR24 which made the matchup a bit harder than standard Seismitoad-EX decks.

Game 1 – He went first and put a Head Ringer onto my active Mew-EX. He flipped heads on 2 / 3 of his Crushing Hammer early game and I couldn’t attack until turn 5. I was able to bring up a full health Mew-EX and started to Quaking Punch since he had a Victini-EX in play with a Fire Energy attached to it. He was forced to put 2 DCE onto a Seismitoad-EX and a DCE on his Victini-EX, so I used Red Signal to bring out a Seismitoad-EX without any energy on it so I could break his item lock. Then, I was able to attach Muscle Band onto my Genesect-EX so I could one hit KO his Victini-EX.

Game 2 – He didn’t get a great start, and missed a T1 Energy attachment. I got my T1 Quaking Punch with Muscle Band using Mew-EX and he couldn’t do anything. I manually attached to my Genesect-EX and Red Signaled out any threats for the KO.

Top 8: Win vs. Jorden R. (Seismitoad-EX / Garbodor)

My opponent did not run any Head Ringer so he had to rely on Crushing Hammer and Grenade Hammer.

Game 1 – He was able to flip 3 heads on his Crushing Hammer and used Team Flare Grunt to discard 4 out of my 6 Grass energy in play. He then used Lysandre's Trump Card to get those Crushing Hammer back. I couldn’t get a Mew-EX into play so I waited until he used Grenade Hammer and I started sweeping his Seismitoad-EX with my Genesect-EX.

Game 2 – He had a slow start, and there wasn’t much he could have done. He scooped after I took out his first Seismitoad-EX.

Top 4: Loss vs. Max A. (Yveltal-EX / Darkrai-EX)

I was very excited to play against Max, but it turned out to be a pretty boring series because of how poorly I drew.

Game 1 – I couldn’t get a Virizion-EX out until turn 3, a very bad start against a speed Yveltal-EX deck. I tried to make a comeback but I was always one turn late.

Game 2 – In one word: terrible. I started with Jirachi-EX and Skyla for an Ultra Ball for a Virizion-EX. He used Hypnotoxic Laser on my Jirachi-EX with Virbank City Gym in play and Oblivion Wing with Yveltal. I used Professor Juniper on my turn and couldn’t hit my Switch; I just drew into a bunch of energies. Jirachi-EX was KO’d from poison after my turn. He couldn’t one hit KO my Virizion-EX, and didn’t want to risk getting Emerald Slash for 70 damage so he used Oblivion Wing with his Yveltal. I used N on my turn and drew into more energies and a Mew-EX. By the time I played a Genesect-EX, he had already taken 4 prizes. Max went on to win the tournament.

In conclusion, Virizion-EX / Genesect-EX is alive and well. Hopefully, I’ll see some of you guys at Worlds 2015. Shout out to my team, Mad Pullz!

Thank you,
Long Bui