Giga Blast From The Past - Regigigas LV.X (2008-09 DP-on)

Written By OleDec 24, 2020

Hey everyone! It’s been a while since the last article. There haven’t been any tournaments on the schedule for quite some time now, so I started to rebuild some interesting and successful decks from the past. With the help of Cardmarket’s awesome Wants Lists feature, I managed to get my hands on the missing cards in almost no time. Today I’m going to show you the Regigigas LV.X deck that I played at 2009 German Nationals.

The deck is from the 2008-09 Modified format (DP-on) which spanned from Diamand & Pearl to Platinum by the time of German Nationals. Rising Rivals (including Luxray GL LV.X) had already been released but was not legal yet.

Other decks in the format were…

  • Machamp SF
  • Gengar SF / Dusknoir DP
  • Palkia G LV.X
  • Magnezone LV.X
  • Blaziken PT / Cherrim SF
  • Kingdra LA
  • Blastoise PT
  • Rampardos PT
  • Toxitank (Toxicroak G / Skuntank G)

Back to Regigigas. I fell in love with the deck during Spring Battle Roads 2009. I liked the unique card design of Regigigas LV.X’s Poké-Power “Sacrifice”. For the cost of a knockout on its own side of the field, Regigigas sets itself up and heals up to 80 damage (still a lot back in the days).

Regigigas LV.X has an awesome synergy with the “Lake Trio” Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf from Legends Awakened. They have incredibly useful come-into-play Poké-Powers that would draw you more cards or lock the opponent’s Poké-Powers. After use, they are sacrificed by Regigigas to free up bench space and eventually play down another Mesprit in the following turns.

With that constant lock and heal, Regigigas had really good matchups against many decks in the format. The biggest threats were Rampardos PT and Machamp SF that took advantage on Regigigas’ Fighting weakness. I included the unusual Gyarados MT tech to improve my chances of winning.

2009 was my second Nationals. After a 3-3 result in 2008, I achieved a 5-2 result that year. Unfortunately, after a 0-1 start, I bubbled Top 16 at 19th place.

R1: L vs. Tyranitar SF (0-1)
R2: W vs. unknown deck (1-1)
R3: W vs. Kingdra (2-1)
R4: W vs. Machamp (3-1)
R5: L vs. Machamp (3-2)
R6: W vs. Rampardos (4-2)
R7: W vs. Toxitank (5-2)

Interestingly enough, the famous Gyarados SF was already legal at that time with all cards needed, but it had not been invented by the time of German Nationals yet. I feel that I was really close from finding the deck when playing around with the various techs for Regigigas. In the end, I was happy with what I found for my deck.